Personalised workplace catering from local eateries.

Individually-packed meals from your favourite restaurants. Save hours organising catering for your next group lunch - and rest easy, knowing everyone will love their meal.

Stop fussing about with your catering!

Getting catering right can take a miracle.

You could spend hours stressing out trying to get the food perfect ... or you could use Fussy, so everyone can choose their own meal in under 2 minutes.

No more worrying about dietaries, volumes and pricing. You’ve got better things to do.

Why people love Fussy.

Save time

No need to research options or collect info from attendees. Organising takes less than 5 minutes.

Personalised menus

Your team gets more options, and can customise for their preferences and dietary requirements. Everyone will get a meal they love.


All meals are served in reusable packaging, and personalised meals means no more over-ordering!

End-to-end service

We take care of delivery and clean-up.

Support local businesses

Feel confident with great food from local eateries.

How it works:


Tell us about your event


Share menu link with guests


Guests choose a meal

Check Circle

Catering's sorted!

Click "Cater now" and tell us about your event. We'll put together a menu that meets your budget,

with options for all dietary needs. We'll send you a menu link to share with your guests.

Guests order their own meal, specifying any additional needs (e.g. allergies).

After that, you can relax - we'll handle the rest!

Hear from people using Fussy to make successful workplace catering a breeze.


The whole team loved the

experience and are excited for their kai!


Te Puni Kōkiri

The process was easy and I could provide options for everyone's dietary requirements whilst doing some good.


Karori Normal School

It made the whole catering task so much easier. It cuts down the amount of domestic tasks in my day. Office life can be hell, ooofffffff.


Was delish and the service was great! Amazing being able to not worry about the clean-up.



Creative HQ


3 per meal

Fussy charges a $3 service fee per meal

The service fee is added to the eatery meal price.

It covers the end-to-end service, including delivery, collection and washing.

Additional charges may include:

  • Express container collection - if you want us to collect the containers immediately after your event
  • Delivery minimum - if you have a small group, and the service fees don't cover the delivery, we will include a small fee to make up the difference. This will vary on your group size.

Our epic eatery partners.

We’re stoked to support epic local vendors to serve you great, restaurant quality food.

Check out some of our eatery friends below:


How long does it take to set up

Less than 5 minutes! It’s easy. Use our form to provide some basic details about your event, and we'll generate a menu for your event in minutes. We’ll send you the menu link to share with your team. They can order directly from the link - so you won’t have to do anything else!

How much will it cost

We’ll tailor the menu to suit your budget. To maximise menu options and ensure a great experience, we recommend budgeting for around $25 per head - but it’s up to you!

Will food arrive on time

Food will be delivered at the arrival time specified. Often food will arrive slightly early. Make sure you specify the food arrival time as the time your group will be eating.

How far in advance can I organise this

Get in touch at least 24 hours before your event.

How does payment work

We’ll send an invoice after the event. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. If your workplace has specific payment needs, let us know and we can figure it out ;)

When s the deadline for placing an order

Everyone should submit their order by 2pm the day before the event. This gives our eatery partners plenty of time to prepare.

How do I know if people have ordered

We’ll send you a spreadsheet that helps you track who has ordered.

What if people don t order

Got some stragglers? Send a gentle reminder. If they haven’t ordered by the deadline (3pm the day before the event), you can easily order extra meals on behalf of others via the menu link. Or, if you need a little more time to collect those last orders, get in touch with your friendly Fussy contact.

Can I order on behalf of everyone

Yes! Let us know during set-up, and we’ll make it easy to do this. You can also place individual orders on behalf of others in the menu link (e.g. if somebody has forgotten to order).

Someone cancelled changed their mind can I make last minute changes

No worries! Just let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll sort it out.

FAQs - continued.

Will meals be labelled

Yes! Each meal is labelled with the name of the person who ordered it, the meal, and the dietary specifications about that meal (if any).

What s the packaging made of

All packaging is reusable and food safe. We currently use packaging from Reusabowl. The bowls are made using rice husk and the lids are food-grade silicone. The packaging is made to be reused 100’s of times and is designed for commercial dishwashing.

What do I do with the used containers

Just put them back in the box we delivered them in - no need to wash up! We’ll come and collect them and give them a full clean, so they’re ready for the next order. We’ll take care of food scraps, too.

When do you collect the used containers

You can choose! You can select a collection time during set-up. Note, we charge an additional fee for some options.

What if containers go missing

Remind the team to return containers to the collection box - we reuse them! If one goes missing, we’ll invoice you the cost to replace it.

We love the containers can we keep them

Absolutely! If you like the bowls your food came in, feel free to keep them for the office and we’ll invoice you for them. If your team like them, they can head along to and grab one for themselves.

What if we have food left over

If you enjoyed your meal, but it was a little too much for lunch, it might be a good idea to take some home with you! Transfer to your own containers for easy transport and place our packaging back in the container. For any leftovers you do not want to keep, feel free to fill one of the containers with the food and we will make sure all leftovers are composted.

Who delivers the food

Fussy do! We have a dedicated team providing end-to-end services, from delivery to washing the containers.

One of my guests has allergies can you cater for them

Yes - when ordering, guests should use the "additional instructions" field to clearly specify any allergies. Please note that while our eatery partners will take all reasonable efforts to accommodate customers' dietary needs, there is a chance that there may be traces of allergens in the kitchen.


Who we are.

We’re Bobby and Greg, Fussy founders.

We both have health issues that limit our food choices. We love a good get-together, but the food at catered events sucks when you have dietary restrictions! Gluten free “scones” that taste like sand, vegetarian “sandwiches” with less personality than a brick, and vegan “burgers” filled with nothing but lettuce and sadness…


We were sick of feeling “fussy” for wanting better choices, or guilty for asking for anything extra… but we’ve also organised catering ourselves, so we know how much effort goes into getting a menu together. It can feel impossible to please everyone!

We believe that people do great things together - the last thing we want is for the food to spoil the fun.

So, we started Fussy to make it super easy to organise catering that everyone will love.